Bing noserider.

I have enjoyed riding a longboard for years, but I always wanted a traditional noserider, something that would let you just park it on the tip for an extended period. I was able to get my paws on this 9’8″ Bing last year its a lot of board and heavy as, and all the way from California. That is where the trouble starts, the board is beautiful but so hard to ride, it nose rides great but nothing else, is easy. So I started to study up on the internet and watched closely at the type of waves they were riding these board in and comparing them to the waves that I ride on the east coast of Australia. I watched the riders technique and approach, and noticed the waves just seemed to peel and they rarely had to cut back, if the wave slowed they would do a kind of stall with a little cut down wait for the wave to catch them then back to the nose. After trying this board in many kind of waves I realized how different our surf is to the type of waves this board is made for, it is about the only board I have ridden that thrives on slow weak waves and last weekend I surfed a much maligned beach on the south coast that has just those type of waves and the board loved it and so did I. My love hate relationship with this board took a turn and I found happiness in mediocrity, some boards are a puzzle and take a while to figure out which is half the fun.

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3 Responses to Bing noserider.

  1. Stewart says:

    Let the bing do its thing

  2. Jeff Smith says:

    Nose rides feel magical

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