Kevin Parkinson

I found this old Tracks Magazine the other day and it had an interview with Kevin Parkinson, he was from Wollongong and had heard of him through the years but never saw him surf. The name was often mentioned that he was the hot surfer from down around that part of the coast. In the interview he talks about surfing  Sandon Point, riding keel fin pin tails and life in the Gong. Unfortunately he died young which is a tragedy I would have enjoyed watching him surf the Jetty.

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14 Responses to Kevin Parkinson

  1. Murray brown says:

    He had the jetty wired. I first saw him surf around 1975 when I was about 14 he would have been about 26 he had such a smooth style. I got to know him very well when I worked at Skipp surfboards where he was shaping,he made me some great boards. sadly he passed away too early.

    • lyttlestreet says:

      Thanks for the comment Muzza, I never saw him surf so it great to get knowledge from someone who knew him. I really enjoy surfing The Jetty so it nice to have some back history on the people who rode there before me, regards.

    • Aggy says:

      Spot on Muzza, (how are ya); Kev Parko was certainly smooth, and always moving, making sharp turns and extreme cut backs look casual. A pioneer that came after Bobby Brown and co. Must have been around 1973/4 at the Point when I saw about 50 plus surfers on the hillside stand up and clap when Kev came in after riding a wave from out the back. Still carving in the 80s. And a quiet, humble guy.
      Aggy (from the Point)

      • Murray brown says:

        Hi Steve ,just saw your reply (bit slow mate) great to hear from you,hope you are well mate, as we know mate KP was in a class of his own cheers Muz

  2. Rob Allen says:

    Kevin Parkinson was one of the most stylish and powerful surfers in and out of the water I have ever known .When he cut back,his spray was something like a fire hose .He was my hero from about age fourteen , such a cool dude, a great shaper. I shaped along side him at Carabine surfboards in the Gong.I always felt like the apprentice ,his templates were just special ! He turned down offers of free trips to the islands, such a pity because he would have held his own against anybody.Thanks for your comments ,that Tracks photo hangs framed on my lounge room wall along side Bobby Brown and Kevin Brennan.
    Rob Allen, Three Points Surf
    Avoca beach

  3. Darren says:

    hi guys .. my 8 year old son dragged home a 5’6 KP skipp from someones junk pile yesterday … swallow tail twinny with optional centrebox with channels …. insanse 🙂

    • lyttlestreet says:

      Looks like your son has a taste for the classics, great starting point. for a young man interested in surfing. Send me a pic of him and the board would love to see it.

  4. JOE RANSOM says:


  5. matthew says:

    Hi i have a 6’0 Kevin Parkinson SKIPP for sale im wondering if you know of anyone that would be interested?

  6. james says:

    I’m interested if that skip’s still for sale,, just picked up a k.p carabine, 6’4 pintail, one of the nicest shaped boards I’ve come across, would like to add to the collection.
    cheers. James.

    • says:

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      Sent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™www.blackberry.comFrom: “lyttlestreet” <>To: “” <>Sent: 21 September 2014 11:41Subject: [New comment] Kevin Parkinson james commented: “I’m interested if that skip’s still for sale,, just picked up a k.p carabine, 6’4 pintail, one of the nicest shaped boards I’ve come across, would like to add to the collection. cheers. James.”

  7. Bob McGuffie says:

    Kev made his shaping comeback in the late 70s turning out some real nice Ben Aipa style “stinger” shapes at Mick Carabines factory in Wollongong. I was sanding boards for Mick at the time and was fortunate enough to have a board shaped by Kev. We had a drink and chat not long before he passed away and he was totally lucid and the conversation was real pleasant.
    His passing was real sad, quite young really.
    Several years later I was fortunate to meet 60’s surf photographer Dave Milne and got a beautiful selection of prints from Dave several being shots of KP stylin on old skool logs when he was only a kid.
    Those prints now hang up in my seaside house in Thailand.
    RIP KP.
    Bob McGuffie.,,, Krabi Thailand.

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