Lopez and Lightening bolts

This shot was taken in the years before the leash was used in big waves, and usually in contests especially at Sunset beach competitors had board caddies The Caddies sat in the line up and waited in case the surfer they were caddying for fell and lost his board, they would give them their board so the surfer wouldn’t lose valuable time swimming to retrieve the lost board. If you owned a board company like Lopez you could afford the matching set of Bolts and friends to swim the rip for you if you happened to fall.

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One Response to Lopez and Lightening bolts

  1. robyn says:

    Hmm felt some sea spray in the yard when I was collecting the washing…
    And that throbby orange PV from Suffolk was sold awhile ago now, so don’t get to see or hear it….the suburb is rather sedate at the moment,…So I like your the new header photo.
    If your considering ceramic hanging gifts at all, I can post or? for mates rates @ $50 a pop,
    good to see u,

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