Skip Frye San Diego style

Skip has often been seen as the embodiment of the San Diego approach to surfing from making his own equipment to suit the local breaks, to his understated style of minimal upper body movement. Smooth clean lines and relaxed stance, wait for the wave to do its thing then interact with it. Other unwritten codes from that area are, surfboards should have minimal advertising, leashes best be left at home and wetsuits in no other colour but black. Joel Tudor has in more recently brought this way of riding to the outside worlds attention.

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One Response to Skip Frye San Diego style

  1. Stewart says:

    I was at tourmaline beach San Diego last year and the surf was nothing special – there were a few longboard waves coming through but not many. Mr Frye was out on an 11′ + and was certainly very smooth in the style department but not real friendly to any of the surfing brethren out that day. It was absolutely impossible to get a wave off him – he wanted every single one. Wasn’t real impressed with the vibe.

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