Motor bike CRASH.

Last year I was involved in a bad accident in Bali, I was driving to check the surf and had stopped to make a right turn with the blinker on as the last car passed I pulled out and BANG, what was that was my first thoughts.Then I looked down and there was a girl lying on the road with her motorbike, shit It happened so fast, what to do, get her off the road out of danger of traffic, a limp body is heavy I lie her on the side on the road someone grabs her motorbike and bag. There is commotion and crowd you got to get her to a hospital, with some help we get her in the back seat and off to hospital which I don’t know where it is, Shit I am stressing a young guy jumps in with me and says he will show me, I look in the mirror at her is she breathing I pull over and check her pulse and air ways she make a grunt, she is alive, I am sweating, a lot of zigging and zagging we get to a small hospital, its closed, hell look around and find a nurse out the back. Bring her in she says, she does some tests and the girl starts to come to, I walk in to check on her and she goes off at me for being a shit driver and anything else she can think of. The nurse lets her go for a while then cuts her short with a couple of stern words, she is badly bruised but nothing broken I am told. I pay her bills and offer to take her home, I am told it is  far away, the young guy is still in the car with me and doing a lot of interpreting which I am thankful for, seems she was going to visit her mother who is sick.

I driving for a while I stop at ATM and get a bunch of cash out and give it to the girl as a sorry for what had happened. Most places  would have said she was in the wrong for trying to pass on the outside as I was trying to turn, but this is Indonesia and the white man is always in the wrong, that the way it is don’t fight it. On handing her the money, first she said that is too much and wanted pass it back, I got my new young mate to tell her it was also to help her mother, and with that everything changed. I wasnt the evil white man who wiped her off her bike, I was there for a reason to help her family, I was the accident that was meant to happen, I had been placed there for a reason.

Her mother had a black magic spell put on her from someone in the local village and her health was deteriorating and today she was unable to walk. On arrival at her house way up in the mountains the priest dressed in white robes was lying on a woven mat with the mother on the floor trying to remove the spell cast on her. Coming from a western culture this stuff is very far removed from an emergency ward situation where one may normally show up in time of accident or ill-health. While waiting outside the family house to see if I could be of further assistance to the family, I was talking to the young guy who came along with me, and he told me his story, that is he was going to a ceremony for his father’s death that happen recently, he also had died from a black magic spell because he had done something wrong in his life. His son was so determined not to get a black magic on him he decided that any time he could be of help or be of assistance to someone he would jump at the chance. This was a type of karma loading to warn off bad spirits, and he was very thankful to me that I had given him a chance to added to his tally, and went on to say that he hoped to be able to be like me one day and able to help a family in need. I am thinking I my mind I just was in an auto crash and just trying to smooth the situation the best I can and get on my way,  along the way I became a mini saint, how did that happen. I finally got home late that evening had a pizza at Santa Fe and a good lie down, it a fascinating country but can be draining, all the precautions in the world wont stop you from a collision with life over there sooner or later.

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  1. Stewart says:

    This is my absolute favourite indo story

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