Surf breaks in the Eastern suburbs you will never surf. Part 2

The Hammer , The Square

Two secret spots for the price of one in this episode, there is a reason for that as I don’t know the difference between the 2 and you aint going to surf there anyway so it doesn’t matter. I am going to say they are both rights  and directly in front of Clovelly car park so easy to check and if you decide to surf them. After 2 go outs you will be considered the local and if others follow you are allowed to throw rocks at them or what ever locals do these days. Now I go on record to say I don’t know if anyone has surfed here but there was a rumour of 3 brothers from Clifton street checked things out on Coolites in the 70s. Now every surfer dreams of having a surf break out the front of where he lives, this is the perfect situation, go to Kings Cross buy a clapped out camper van that has been around Australia like 19 times, roll it into the car park and set up in this wave rich garden, it’s not Hawaii but hell you don’t have to be as rich as Rockefeller to get a break. Basically what has happened in these parts with the cost of real estate skyrocketing it has pushed the weirdos out who once coveted these types of waves  years ago and they are now all living in Bruni Island, Tasmania and surf in peace.

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