Early Keramas

Enjoying Keramas

I think one of the greatest periods of my time surfing was when i first discovered Keramas, I didn’t find it my any means, but I surfed it a ton with very few around or empty. I had a friend living in Sanur and he told me they had just opened up the new coast road along the east coast, and he had been up a few days before and surfed a right up there, I went along with him the next day

Keramas beach day break

and there it was peeling with no one around, wow what a fun wave. For the next 3 years i went there as much as I could as I figured it couldn’t last so I better get all I can, I was surprised it stayed quiet for as long as it did, well now it is all too crowded, and if Luke Egan goes ahead with his horrible hotel, the spirit really will die. I guess progress happens so fast in Indonesia that if you find something good enjoy it while you can because it wont stay that way for long.

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