Uluwatu Outside corner

Late afternoon Uluwatu

Uluwatu has long been one of my favourite places in the world, ever since I first walked in from the road in 1981, sitting up in the warungs chatting to the massage ladies watching the waves. Its a surfing meeting place for the world everyone walks through there sooner or later. I like all the different breaks that uluwatu has to offer, But to me the special one and the least consistant is Outside corner, especially late in the afternoon, and the wind has calmed and its dead low tide and the walls line up forever. It is one of the best backhand waves that I know of, the walls are thick, strong and long and you can really wind up a long gun out here as the base isn’t generally square more of a slope. These type of waves are not the fashion these days not enough barrel and too long to hold interest, so the crowd tends to be older and equiped with the right type of board. It only takes a few of these waves to make a holiday to Bali feel like it has paid for its self, you get a big one and you can eat up so much green water in such short time, when you get off you are so buzzed and the smile that wont wash off anytime soon. I was lucky last August and got some of the best waves I have had there in a long time on a 7’6″ pin tail that hugged those walls beautifully. Very joyful time.

outside corner I love it

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